Where are you really from?

This is a question I have been asked too often. I briefly touched on it before but I thought I could write about it in more depth. I was once at a volunteer for disabled children. one of the organisers was a man who had once lived in america for a year or two so…… Continue reading Where are you really from?

English or Japanese

If you’re a halfie, when you are in places like airports, most of the time you will surprise staff by being able to speak Japanese. I am often approached by foreign visitors in tourist attractions asking for directions, in english, so I understand why but it just bothers me lot more than it should. My…… Continue reading English or Japanese

Countryside hotels

In Japanese countrysides, there are big hotels. And those hotels are rare but nice. Therefore, many local people would come visit for special occasions or dinners. But some of these hotels host quite extravagant events. Japanese people who live far from the city see a lot of things a bit more exaggerated than they really…… Continue reading Countryside hotels


I know weathers sounds like a very boring topic but I assure you it isn’t, especially here in Japan. Because Tokyo is built with basically 100% concrete, summer is extremely humid. More than it should be. The heat builds up on the walls of all the buildings around you and all the hot air stays…… Continue reading Weather


Having lived in Japan, temples are a part of my life. I go at the beginning of a new year or I go if i need luck for an exam or some upcoming event. I am not very religious, I don’t consider myself to be religious at all. But because I live in Japan, I…… Continue reading Temples


Apparently in Japan, sleepovers are rare. In Japan, parents would think its too much to ask or that their child is over staying their welcome if having a sleepover becomes a possibility. But in many western countries, sleepovers are totally normal and many children have sleepovers often. Sometimes sleepover birthday parties happen, which must be an absolute…… Continue reading Sleepovers

Summer Holidays

I have been blogging now for a week! And I am glad there are people enjoying my posts. I am leaving Japan for the summer, just like many of my halfie friends do. Most people leave Japan for a month at least. Attending an international school means longer holidays and no homework to do, compared…… Continue reading Summer Holidays