🤧 Hay Fever 🤧

I haven’t been able to write blogs recently as I have really bas hay fever! In Japan, HAY FEVER IS PRETTY EXTREME! Its surprising because in western countries, hay fever is not the most severe or serious problem. But in Japan, it really is. As soon as the weather starts to get slightly warmer, people…… Continue reading 🤧 Hay Fever 🤧

🛀 Onsens 🛀

Onsens are strange to many visitors.  It really isn’t as strange to be quite honest. At first the concept is bizarre but you gradually get used to it because you start to realise you care more than anyone else does. Japanese people keep to themselves and don’t really pay attention to begin with. Onsens are…… Continue reading 🛀 Onsens 🛀

🍵Japan’s view on mental health🍵

I will write a few posts on this as it is important and I dont think one blog post is enough to explain the views and efforts made into suicide prevention and mental health. As the suicide rates are getting higher than before in Japan, a lot of emphasis as been put into suicide prevention…… Continue reading 🍵Japan’s view on mental health🍵