Surprising things about returnees

A lot of my returnee friends are fully Japanese or asian. But a lot of them do not look completely asian. The idea I am trying to explain may be a bit confusing but bare with me. One of my returnee friends had lived in Canada for 10 years. She is fully Japanese but the…… Continue reading Surprising things about returnees

Where are you really from?

This is a question I have been asked too often. I briefly touched on it before but I thought I could write about it in more depth. I was once at a volunteer for disabled children. one of the organisers was a man who had once lived in america for a year or two so…… Continue reading Where are you really from?

Shopping assistants

Here in Japan, being able to speak english somehow means you are wealthy. This may sound odd but it is true. I was once at a western store that sold speakers. All the employees were Japanese. And my father and I were speaking in english. As soon as we enter the store, a male sales…… Continue reading Shopping assistants


When I sit at a seat on a train, I usually end up sitting alone. Sometimes I catch people staring at me. This also happens to my halfie friends. And especially if I speak Japanese. Its when strangers are scared of you. I am not saying I’m a terrifying person to look at or that…… Continue reading Unfamiliarity

Returnees in Japan

Halfies are people of 2 different races. Returnees are people who have lived outside/ left their country they were originally born in but have now gone back to that country. I hope that makes sense. (I am trying to explain the concept of 帰国子女/Kikokushijo.) Often, both halfies and returnees end up in similar schools. Some…… Continue reading Returnees in Japan

Summer Holidays

I have been blogging now for a week! And I am glad there are people enjoying my posts. I am leaving Japan for the summer, just like many of my halfie friends do. Most people leave Japan for a month at least. Attending an international school means longer holidays and no homework to do, compared…… Continue reading Summer Holidays

Idolising halfies

If i got a dollar for every time someone told me I’m cute because I’m half, i would be so unbelievably rich. In Japan or many asian countries, many people think being mixed race is a great thing, especially if you’re half white. I personally think being half is great and i don’t really think…… Continue reading Idolising halfies