Having a tattoo

In Japan, having a tattoo isn’t great. Tattoos or Irezumi have many negative connotations for Japanese people. In swimming pools and some gyms, people who have tattoos will be asked to cover them up with band-aids or a piece of clothing. In swimming pools, the staff would offer you a rash guard or long swim…… Continue reading Having a tattoo


Having lived in Japan, temples are a part of my life. I go at the beginning of a new year or I go if i need luck for an exam or some upcoming event. I am not very religious, I don’t consider myself to be religious at all. But because I live in Japan, I…… Continue reading Temples


When I sit at a seat on a train, I usually end up sitting alone. Sometimes I catch people staring at me. This also happens to my halfie friends. And especially if I speak Japanese. Its when strangers are scared of you. I am not saying I’m a terrifying person to look at or that…… Continue reading Unfamiliarity

Junior High

Public versus Private. In Japan, many children from the age of 10 or 11 will start to attend preparatory school at least once a week until their entrance exams for a private junior high school. This is to ensure their acceptance into high level middle schools. Its a big deal here. Not many parents or…… Continue reading Junior High


Apparently in Japan, sleepovers are rare. In Japan, parents would think its too much to ask or that their child is over staying their welcome if having a sleepover becomes a possibility. But in many western countries, sleepovers are totally normal and many children have sleepovers often. Sometimes sleepover birthday parties happen, which must be an absolute…… Continue reading Sleepovers

Returnees in Japan

Halfies are people of 2 different races. Returnees are people who have lived outside/ left their country they were originally born in but have now gone back to that country. I hope that makes sense. (I am trying to explain the concept of 帰国子女/Kikokushijo.) Often, both halfies and returnees end up in similar schools. Some…… Continue reading Returnees in Japan

Summer Holidays

I have been blogging now for a week! And I am glad there are people enjoying my posts. I am leaving Japan for the summer, just like many of my halfie friends do. Most people leave Japan for a month at least. Attending an international school means longer holidays and no homework to do, compared…… Continue reading Summer Holidays