🤧 Hay Fever 🤧

I haven’t been able to write blogs recently as I have really bas hay fever!

In Japan, HAY FEVER IS PRETTY EXTREME! Its surprising because in western countries, hay fever is not the most severe or serious problem. But in Japan, it really is.

As soon as the weather starts to get slightly warmer, people start sneezing constantly and rubbing their eyes. General Practice offices have massive waiting lines and Drugstores are filled with people waiting for their prescriptions.

At schools, there are lots of people with red eyes and sneezing and sniffling constantly. If the weather is nice, many people are sneezing and teary eyed.

Even people who do not live in Japan and are only here for holiday can develpo hay fever and go home sneezing and stuffy nosed.

It really is a pain as you feel sick, but you know you aren’t but if you do get sick your body feels worse.

Despite spring being a really sunny and peaceful season, for a lot of people its time to get some pills and eye drops. Its easiest to avoid many open windows and getting cold.

If you ever visit, please dont say to someone with hay fever, “Is it really that bad?” because it really is that bad.



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