🛀 Onsens 🛀

Onsens are strange to many visitors.  It really isn’t as strange to be quite honest.

At first the concept is bizarre but you gradually get used to it because you start to realise you care more than anyone else does. Japanese people keep to themselves and don’t really pay attention to begin with. Onsens are something you just have to ease yourself into.  The rules are very simple and you just have to be respectful and keep to yourself. There are some people who think Onsens are a spiritual place but really they are just public baths. At every onsen, there is a poster of some sort with all the rules you need to be aware of. For example, don’t run, don’t be too loud, don’t swim in the onsen.

Most hotels in the countryside will have an onsen, guaranteed. But there are many onsens in Tokyo for a very reasonable price. Some even as cheap as 200 yen (these will be known as 銭湯 Sento). But they are all fundamentally the same. The ones in hotels will most likely have various kinds of baths like outdoor ones and also saunas.

Onsens have various health benefits like relieving stress, clearing skin and improving blood flow. If at any point in your trip you feel tired or stressed, go to an onsen! It will definitely make you feel a lot better.

What do you think about Onsens? Have you ever been to one?



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