🚃Train etiquette🚃

If you buy an iPhone in Japan, the camera shutter noise will not turn off. No matter what settings you use or how recently you buy the phone, it will never be silent. This is to prevent perverts taking pictures of girls underwear from under their skirts. It is bad enough a problem where iPhones have features to prevent it. screen-shot-2018-02-19-at-18-51-51.pngThese perverts touch Japanese high school girls underwear from under their skirts too! There are many posters in train stations like the one on the right. This is a poster for women and girls and encouraging them to speak up when someone has touched them. There is a word for being touched (somewhat like grope) 痴漢 (Chikan). The girl is shouting “chikan” as someone has touched her inappropriately.

Girls as young has 13, 14 experience this on trains and elevators on their way to school. The men that do this get away with it so easily because the train is super tightly packed.

To minimise this as much as possible, between 6:30 to 9 o’clock in the morning, the first car (on most trains) are for women, elementary school children and school-aged girls. No men are allowed on these cars. Some may argue that this is sexist however, all cases of chikan that have been reported are due to men touching young girls.

It is an unfortunate issue and difficult to get rid of. But efforts are made and girls are encouraged to not be scared and speak up.

What do you think of this issue?



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