🚫What not to do when you visit (logan paul)🚫 ~part 2~

This post will be more focused on the suicide forest and a bit about how Japan views mental health. You can read part 1 of this series here.

Lets start with a quick question, what is the difference between Tokyo DisneyLand and the Suicide forest. One of them is a tourist attraction, the other isnt!

The Suicide Forest has a name, Aokigahara and it is near Mount Fuji. As someone who lives in Japan, I have never ever in my life considered visiting the forest as it is not a tourist attraction. It was disgusting for me to see and difficult for me understand why a tourist would go somewhere that is never advertised. This means that Logan Paul did some research. Which means he should have known not to go.

All over the forest there are signs that have the number to suicide hotlines and and sentences saying that there is hope. It is not a “spooky” forest, and is definitely not a campsite.

There are people who say the body was fake but regardless, his visit was ill intentioned and he should have not gone in the first place. It was unfortunate that at the beginning of that video, which has since been removed for obvious reasons, he says something along the lines of “Look foward to the vlog because I made YouTube history!”. And later on goes to say that it was for raising awareness. What kind of attitude is that meant to be other than self congratulatory, over someones dead body you had no right to film and laugh at. Putting hotline numbers does not excuse the kind of behaviour displayed in the video. 

When you visit Japan, please do not visit places that are not advertised as tourist attractions. There are reasons why somewhere that is known for a certain thing would not be a tourist attraction.

A post on Japanese peoples view on mental health is going up tomorrow, so if you are at all interested, please check back tomorrow.



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