⛩Temples, shrines and traditions ⛩

Before 🌸spring🌸 arrives, I thought i would post about new years traditions. I can make a post on temples and shrines people here visit most in the new year and what to do/ what not to do in temples if you would like!

On the 31st of December, everyone in Japan turns on the television to watch a massive bell in a temple to be rung as the clock strikes midnight. It is looked forward to by many as it symbolises a new beginning and the end of the past year. People here also eat soba as the year changes. This is because soba is long and thin (and tasty!) which represents a long healthy life. You will start to realise a lot of traditions involves something being symbolised.

On the 1st of January in the new year, most of the Japanese population visits a nearby temple and prays for anything from success, wealth, passing an exam and health. People part take in something called おみくじ (Omikuji) its quite a superstitious thing but basically you pick out a piece of paper from a box without looking. You open it up and it will tell you what kind of year you will have.  大吉 (daikichi) is Very Good, 吉(kichi) is good, 凶(kyou) is bad.

This is a brief overview of what happens in the new year. There are many variations I could cover, please let me know if this is something you would like to read about!




2 thoughts on “⛩Temples, shrines and traditions ⛩

    1. I could find/post a recipe for plums if I can find one! There is a mochi specifically for new years called 鏡餅(kagamimochi). Oddly, people dont really eat them but display them at home.


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