❤️Valentines Day in Japan❤️

Strangely, in Japan the tradition of men gifting women chocolates is flipped around, women gift men chocolate here. And as women are gifting it, it becomes a huge deal in Japan.

In Japanese schools, middle school and high school especially, teenagers will make heart shaped chocolates or cookies and gift them to boys in their class. It is advertised as a very girly thing to do. Like Christmas (there is a post i have written about christmas in the past, can have a read here), valentines day is a tradition learnt from America and Britain etc, so Japanese people have freely interpreted this tradition of gift giving.

A company here called Mary’s first introduced valentines day to the Japanese public and they made the target demographic young women in their 20s and they wanted to make the fourteenth of February to be the day where men receive chocolate from their significant other or female friends. And that is exactly what happened! Its huge! All the girls make chocolates or biscuits the night before, post pictures on social media.

But the guys can not just do nothing. To make more money, Japanese sweets companies made up something called ”White day”. It is the reverse of Japanese Valentines day and has the guys buying/making chocolates and sweets for their girlfriend or female friends.

I am sure its quite strange for the tradition to be swapped around but it happens like this here and everyone and their mother takes part.

Happy Valentines!



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