Having a conversation in different languages 💬

A lot of things for halfies are very “mixed”. One of those things is languages.

For most of the halfies that I know personally, a lot of them are bilingual or even multilingual.

I personally, can speak Japanese and english. I live in japan so I use Japanese frequently enough and my parents speak it too. I use English with most of my friends and my parents too.

Most of my friends can speak english and Japanese as well. Some can speak Spanish, french or greek on top of those two.

Some, on the other hand, aren’t as fluent. Some of my friends are more comfortable using only english even if one of their parents may be Japanese.

A persons ability to speak languages are solely dependant on their environment. My friends who can only speak english fluently have never been in a position where they are required to speak any other language even though they are mixed. I have because i have been to a local Japanese school. (You can read more about my experience there at, Elementary school)

When I speak to friends who are capable in both Japanese and english, we sometimes mix the two languages together. If we don’t know how to describe a certain word in english, we would use Japanese instead. Most of the time we mix languages, and never stick to one. This is very common for a lot of halfies.

Are you bilingual, or even multilingual? What languages can you speak?



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