Meeting up in Tokyo

Meeting up with friends or family in Tokyo is difficult. Depending on where in Tokyo, it can possibly be a lot worse. Shibuya, for example, is a busy part of Tokyo and it can be really stressful unless you’re specific.

The great thing about Tokyo, especially tourist areas (Shibuya, Asakusa, Shinjuku etc..) have many places on maps that are “Highlighted” or places that stations will definitely have signs pointing to it.

For example: In Shibuya, theres the infamous Hachiko statue.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 15.23.10.png

This is a popular place for people to meet up. On google maps, it is a landmark (Those two are the same thing). Its really easy to get to from Shibuya station as there are many many signs pointing to it. If you are ever in Shibuya station and you need to get to the Hachiko statue, go to exit 8! (はち Hachi is 8 in Japanese, so you know, easy tip).

Japanese stations are really tourist friendly (if you speak/read english, mandarin, cantonese and Korean). If asking station staff or signs fail you, there are always maps available and you could ask where on the map is here? Point at the map and say ここはどこですか?(kokowa dokodesuka), that should be quite straight forward for any station staff.

If you ever find yourself in Japan, I hope this post helps you out!



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