train accidents

On Wednesday, the bus took double the length of time it would usually take to get me to school. There wasn’t an accident on the bus. It was the train. The lights had gone out on the train and wouldn’t come back on for most of rush hour. This caused thousands of people to walk or line up for buses.

Half the students in my school were over an hour delayed to get there and some had to walk 2 or 3 kilometers to get to school because of the train line not working.

The line that was affected was the den-en toshi line. A commuter line. But because it stopped working, many people tried to use other train lines and therefore the consequence of the den-en toshi line not working was insanely huge. Im sure many people have seen what its like to get on the train at rush hour here in Japan. Imagine that but double or triple the number of people trying to force themselves onto the train. Imagine little children trying to go to school on trains as busy as those. Many complained, obviously but its not that rare for trains to be delayed or be extremely busy due to an accident.

Here is a list of reasons why trains may get delayed:

  • 人身事故/ an accident resulting in injury or death) : Usually suicides.
  • 悪天候/ bad weather
  • 信号トラブル/ Traffic lights not working
  • 車両点検/ Train check ups: when there may be chances of accidents
  • 車内で急病/ passengers getting sick on board the train

Trains don’t usually take as long to recover as it did on Wednesday but it can happen sometimes, even though Japan is relatively efficient.


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