Trains in Japan are a big deal.

Approximately 20 million people ride trains in a day. And rush hour in Japan is the extreme of extreme. I used to use the train to get to school and I only had to do this for three years but it was never fun. I had used 2 very busy train lines which wasn’t really helpful. But people have been doing this for years!

In countries like the UK, the tube is super useful and the trains take (most of the time) take you anywhere. Same in Japan. But in the UK trains are a lot narrower and the lights go out sometimes. In Japan, because so many people have to use the train, they build it to ensure maximum space to fit as many people as possible. The seats on either side has enough space to fit 2 rows of people in between but in the UK, when you sit down, your knees might touch the person across from you.  But in the UK, roughly 3.8 million people use the train daily.

I use the train at least 4 or 5 times a week because I dont use it daily but for those who do, it can be 12 or more times a week. Trains in japan are so useful and are an integral part of life in Japan. In America, for example, many people have cars and use cars as their main mode of transportation. But in Japan, not every household owns a car and because trains are so cheap and accessible here, people tend to lean towards using the train every day instead of buying their own car.

If you ever visit Japan, don’t be alarmed at how people get on trains at rush hour or the number of different ways you can get from A to B.


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