Biracial representation

I figured that in western culture especially, you don’t come across too many biracial pop culture icons or role models for young biracial people.

When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to have many friends who are also biracial. (Most of my friends are white and asian). In japan it is becoming more common to come across children who are half white, half Japanese. However for young children who may be half black half Japanese, they may unfortunately face discrimination, still, in this day and age. You don’t come across too many people with dark skin at all. There are many many different kinds of people from various asian countries and recently more and more european people. However, in Japan it isn’t too common to see many people who are of african descent.

In japan, you do come across half white talents on television but they are usually models and are never outspoken about being biracial and I personally think that they dont make great role models.

So I decided to compose a list of biracial people that I think are good role models:

  • Logic (Rapper, Half black and half white. Outspoken on many subjects for example his recent song 1-800-273-8255, it is about suicide and mental health.)
  • Sarah Cheung (Youtuber/Social media influencer. Half asian and white. She has made many interesting videos on the asian community and being biracial).
  • Asia Jackson (Youtuber/Social media influence. Half black and filipina. She makes beauty videos however she does make videos embracing both her filipino and black side)
  • Halle Berry (Actress. Half white, half black. Has portrayed many characters who are strong women, for example, Storm from the X-Men)
  • Keanu Reeves (Actor. He has been in many films and despite his success, he lives a very humble life)
  • Zoe Saldana (Actress, mother of three. She has portrayed characters who are strong women for example, Gamora in the Gaurdians of the Galaxy films)

To name a few.

I have linked one of Sarah Cheung’s videos about anti-blackness in the asian community that can better explain one of the reasons why half black children in Japan may not be treated with the respect they deserve.

Sarah Cheung’s video

I am sure you know some more people who are great role models who are biracial.

If you know any, feel free to mention them in the comments!!




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