Surprising things about returnees

A lot of my returnee friends are fully Japanese or asian. But a lot of them do not look completely asian.

The idea I am trying to explain may be a bit confusing but bare with me.

One of my returnee friends had lived in Canada for 10 years. She is fully Japanese but the way she dresses and the way she smiles and talks to people is very different to other Japanese people. She will dress different because her Canadian friends would dress that way. Her face muscles (probably not the most technical term) form would be slightly differently because the way you would use your face to speak english is different from how you would use your face when you would use Japanese. Her mannerisms and the way she presents herself is very different from regular Japanese people.

If I have managed to explain this to you correctly I think you can tell why this is interesting to me. That just by the people you surround yourself with and the places you live can greatly impact your life and who you grow up to be.

The way someone presents themselves is probably the best way to tell if they have an interesting background.

Usually a lot of my returnee friends are very open and happy to tell you where they have lived in the past and they are very confident when talking to you.

I think its a great thing and is something to embrace because everyone being the same would just be incredibly boring.

(Sorry I havent been posting much in the last week!)

Have you ever met someone with an interesting global background?



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