Countryside hotels

In Japanese countrysides, there are big hotels. And those hotels are rare but nice. Therefore, many local people would come visit for special occasions or dinners. But some of these hotels host quite extravagant events.

Japanese people who live far from the city see a lot of things a bit more exaggerated than they really are. For example, when asked what foreigners look like, and because they would have very unlikely met or spoken to a foreigner, they might describe a tall white man with blond hair and blue eyes.

In countryside hotels, when they hosts an event, a lot of the time it will involve something very western or at least somewhat international. They may have dinner shows with hula dancers. A show with acrobats or a magic show with performers wearing flashy costumes. And a lot of it is for entertainment purposes but a bigger part of it is really more to do with the event organisers imagination.  A lot of foreigners probably feel more comfortable staying in more well known places like Hyatt, Hilton or Sheraton. So very few foreigners actually stay in small locally run hotels, even if they are fairly big ( like 13 stories high). Therefore even the people running the hotel don’t have much exposure to foreign things and people.

Most of these hotels, if you live outside Japan or live in a city, are more ideal for a short one or two night stays rather than a week. Especially during the summer when they host events for children on holiday due to the loud dinner shows they put on. The surrounding area may not be too populated so the nearest convenience store could be 10 minutes away by foot.

Some hotels in Japan are for local people to enjoy rather than foreigners. Its a staycation location for people who live far away from the city.

Have you ever stayed in hotels that didn’t have too many outside visitors before?



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