Some halfies are lucky enough to have a choice for university other people may not have. The choice between going overseas or staying in japan. Japanese Universities are great and some like Waseda and Keio have “International” programmes. But for a halfie like myself who has been to schools using only Japanese and schools mainly using English, university becomes a massive problem. It decides the rest of your life and if you make the wrong decision you will massively regret later on is super stressful.

If you chose Japanese but later on find you cannot understand things or read certain words on your entrance exam into uni, you’re done. If you go to the USA, for example, but cant  keep up socially and academically as much you had hoped, you’re done. It is very uncertain and confusing. If you were a regular Japanese high school student who had been in Japanese education since day one, you probably wouldn’t have this problem.

For myself, I had been in a private junior high school (I have explained it previously in this post Junior High). And when you are in your third final year of JHS, the dreaded question, “What would you like to do for university?” will come up so often it will start to lose meaning. And for me and a few of my halfie friends this was difficult. Most of our friends had already decided to stay in Japan for university. A few said they would go to the USA but we weren’t from America and had no interest in studying there. One of my halfie friends, lets call him Peter, had already announced to the class that he would be moving in with his family in the UK for high school. And this got me thinking. What if I transfer back to the international school I used to go to. Which later on became a possibility for me. I thought of this because I had no intention of going to university in Japan because my Japanese isn’t good enough and I am not fantastic at exams.  I had no intention of going to America even though I have family there because I didn’t want to study there (at the time, America was a mess due to the election and it really didn’t seem ideal to me). So I ended up transferring schools 2 and a half months away from JHS graduation with Peter and back to my international school.

I luckily do not regret my decision and I stand by it.  But university is scary and I have halfie friends in university who are glad they made decisions to stay in or move out of Japan for university.

What do you think about university?



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