Apparently in Japan, sleepovers are rare. In Japan, parents would think its too much to ask or that their child is over staying their welcome if having a sleepover becomes a possibility. But in many western countries, sleepovers are totally normal and many children have sleepovers often. Sometimes sleepover birthday parties happen, which must be an absolute nightmare for parents, and sometimes sleepovers can extend to two nights or even three.

My mother told me that in Japan, sleepovers just aren’t a thing. Especially if you go to a public elementary/middle school. What this means is that all your friends live no more than 15 minutes away from you therefore people just wouldn’t see the point in staying over if you can go see them the next day anyway. But in America or the UK, even if you do go to a public/state school you still would have sleepovers with your friends.

In Japan, parents are very (sometimes overly) polite. It is something I have noticed having been to a Japanese school. On the other hand, in international schools, parents are extremely casual. If their child wants to have a sleepover on Friday night, for example, the child staying over just needs to pass on their friends parents contact details and thats usually all that happens. I have done this multiple times where I ambush my mother in to letting me stay at a friends house after school. And because my mother knew my friends parents well, my friend and I managed to have a sleepover.

I have never had a sleepover with any friends I had made at my short stay in a public Elementary school even though I had offered them to stay over. They would always say “thats too much its okay” or “I should go home anyway”. It was just never an option for them.

Do you think sleepovers are considered too much?



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