Summer Holidays

I have been blogging now for a week! And I am glad there are people enjoying my posts.

I am leaving Japan for the summer, just like many of my halfie friends do. Most people leave Japan for a month at least. Attending an international school means longer holidays and no homework to do, compared to Japanese schools, it is two months of what ever you want to do. Some students do use the time to get some work done or do some research out of curiosity. Some students do volunteering or get a job if they are old enough to do so. But the majority leave Japan. In Japanese schools that is extremely rare.

A lot of my friends go visit relatives in various countries. Some people travel with their friends family to a summer house or to a different country entirely. Some go visit friends overseas. Some people go to summer school, but thats only a few.

Very rarely do any of my friends prepare for the upcoming school year. Nobody is prepped until a few days before. The older you get, the less productive you become. Some of my friends who aren’t leaving the country over the summer end up staying at home watching Netflix in bed.

In Japanese schools, basically everyone stays in Japan. They may travel within the country. A popular place to visit overseas for Japanese people is Hawaii and recently South Korea as well. There is plenty to do in Japan. But when you live in a different country to your relatives, summer holidays are the best time to go visit them.

Summer is supposed to be fun obviously. And fun is different to everyone but a month and a half to do whatever you want is pretty great. Many travel, some stay in bed all day.

What are you doing until next September?



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