In places like Shibuya or Omotesando, you will definitely come across massive trucks that have a boy band or J-Pop group’s poster plastered on both sides while blasting music down a street. It is extremely common. And you would be surprised at how loud they are. Its almost like using in-ear earphones at the highest volume, which as you can probably guess is obnoxiously loud.

Ive never been to keen on J-Pop bands. A lot of my halfie friends aren’t either. For music, I think a lot of halfies tend to stray away from asian music and move toward pop or indie bands from english speaking countries. Most of my Japanese friends love K-Pop or J-Pop. I don’t have anything against the genre, Ive just never been to keen.

Japan loves their music. Posters of boy bands like “Sexy Zone” ( Its a real band, you can look it up if you don’t believe me!) are everywhere. In places like Basketball street in Shibuya, J-Pop music is always playing on the speakers. Whenever you switch on the TV, these J-Pop groups are in commercials or guest starring on TV shows to promote their music. A few members of those bands even host new shows and talk shows. Some bands have their own late night TV show.

I don’t really think there are too many solo artists in Japan. I don’t know the exact ratio of pop bands to solo artists so I may be wrong but, Japan doesn’t really have solo artists that are very well know to the entire nation. A lot of the pop groups have a massive following nationwide, some even worldwide. I think Japanese people prefer groups or bands compared to solo artists. Some groups like AKB48 even have an annual election to choose their most liked/popular member is out of the 48. Their fanbase is on the passionate side.

All in all, music is music and if you don’t like certain music you don’t have to listen to it. But sometimes when you’re walking down a street in Shibuya, and you hear a massive burst of super loud pop music passing by you, it can be mildly annoying.😅

Do you like J-Pop? Or do you not like it at all?                                                                                 Do you listen to any J-Pop groups?



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