Idolising halfies

If i got a dollar for every time someone told me I’m cute because I’m half, i would be so unbelievably rich.

In Japan or many asian countries, many people think being mixed race is a great thing, especially if you’re half white. I personally think being half is great and i don’t really think much of it because it is who i am but, it seems to many strangers as something peculiar.

I have been met with kindness for the most part however, sometimes you come across some extremely rude people who are just straight up racist. I understand that mixed race people are somewhat rare but i am not sure why it means people can just make fun or stare sometimes. This is why I find it confusing when people say “you must be so lucky to be born mixed!”.

In Japan, there are many “ハーフタレント” (Half talents) which basically means television personalities who are mixed race (usually half white). I am sure this is where most Japanese peoples idolisation of halfies come from. Great representation but I cant relate to any of them, ever. None of my friends find them good role models either.

I am used to Japanese girls telling me they think I’m cute. I got over it and it doesn’t bother me anymore. But I have never liked it. Sometimes television companies come up to me or my friends on the street in Shibuya, for example, for interviews just because we are mixed.

Idolising halfies is odd to be quite honest, but it is a fact.

This wasn’t necessarily a positive post but realistic one. I hope you liked it.



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