I have been offered to go to bars for a drink when I was 14 or so.

When I went out for dinner with my mother, when she ordered wine, an extra wine glass was brought to our table.

I have been offered the alcoholic menu at restaurants when I am with my friends.

Age is something that is hard to tell, obviously. But you can always make an educated guess on how old someone maybe.  I am not legally old enough to drink alcohol, but people think I am. It is a bit awkward when you have to explain to servers that you aren’t of age.

Sometimes women who are a lot older than me stare at my face for more than is acceptable/comfortable. I don’t know what they are thinking but I know for sure they are judging me. Sometimes men look me up and down on a street. One time a man was driving his car and suddenly slowed down and drove beside me on a small street in a neighbourhood. He was clearly staring at me and my body for a long time. I frowned at him and stopped walking. He drove off, thankfully. Parents stare at me quite often. Especially when i have makeup on. Maybe its because to them my face is unusual or they are wondering how old I am, I can never tell.

But depending on which country Im in, i can look younger than my age. In Japan, people always assume I am older but in countries like the UK or the US, people think I’m a lot younger. Some people in america thought i was a freshman in high school or a middle schooler. Some people in UK thought I was in early secondary and were surprised when i revealed my actual age.

The way you act and dress always has an affect on how people come to a conclusion on how old you are. Makeup always makes me look older. Wearing things other than a t-shirt and leggings for example, jeans and graphic tees can make me look more adult. Having a haircut that suits your face makes you look mature. When you talk, if you speak with confidence at all times you will seem more intellectual therefore, older.

Have you ever had an interesting experience with your age?

Have people ever questioned your age?

Let me know! Im sure this is a very common thing to happen to halfies!



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