Living in Tokyo

To start off, I decided to introduce life in Tokyo to this blog.
Tokyo or Japan in general has gained popularity recently and i thought it would be interesting to see what i can conclude about this big city into a small blog post.
Tokyo is a busy and bright place.
Especially Shibuya, which is one of the most crowded places i know.
And japan is a humid country, so trains and train stations are a nightmare.
The videos you can find on youtube of salarymen and women being squeezed onto trains are real. 100% genuine. Some mornings it is like that. Rush hour in the morning is awful. Trains can be late, accidents can happen, people get squished.
But Japanese trains are very efficient and cheap so they are super useful.
Tokyo is a safe place, even though it is overcrowded.
The bright lights stay on past midnight, street lights are everywhere.
People can walk around at night with a low chance of getting mugged.
You can hear cars passing by at night. You can hear cats meowing and dogs barking.
Personally, Im glad i live here.
If you want to live here, its fun and its great.
You don’t have to know Japanese extremely well to go places. People are willing to help you.
Even with me, because I’m half, some people have approached me at train stations because they thought i was a lost tourist.
Tokyo never stops moving and that is a fact but, you can pick up the pace easily because al ot of people are nice enough to offer a helping hand.
If you live outside Japan, do you want to live here?
Or maybe you don’t get why its a nice place?
Do you live here? Or anywhere else in Japan?
What is it like?
Im curious! I’d love to know.


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