First blog post!


Im starting this blog just for the hell of it. Im not sure where it is headed to be perfectly honest with you but, I promise that the one thing i do know for sure is that I plan on being 100% honest with you here.

So, first of all, who am i?

  • I am half Japanese, half White.
  • I live in Tokyo

To put it quite simply, those 2 things are the only important facts about me. There really isn’t much else.

Now, I am starting this blog with somewhat a purpose. As i mentioned, I’m mixed race. Half  Japanese and half white. And i wanted to write this blog for as many “halfies” or mixed race people i can reach through this teeny tiny blog in a teeny tiny corner of the world wide web.

Being mixed race has its advantages but also has disadvantages, so i wanted to start a blog for people like me.

I hope you like it 🙂


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